Parcel Delivery


Are you searching for a safe & quick method for Parcel Delivery across Melbourne? Well, you don’t have to search any longer! Because 13 Airport Taxis offers speedy and assured parcel delivery service to your doorstep. We utilize efficient cabs to deliver your parcel all around Melbourne. On top of that our chauffeurs are honest and possess enough expertise to deliver your parcel anywhere in the city and its surrounding areas as soon as possible. We also take last-minute orders so don’t hesitate to book our online parcel delivery taxi even if you’re late. 13 Airport Taxis booking portal is open 24*7 all year and we are always ready to take your urgent parcels from one place to another. Our company follows a strict set of protocols that concerns shipment safety. This makes sure that the package will be delivered to the recipient without any damage or loss. The taxis are available in various sizes suited for personal, professional individuals and corporate purposes. Whenever a client books our online parcel delivery service, the first available taxi in your area will be dispatched to your location to collect your parcel.

Parcel Delivery Taxi Service in Melbourne

Like most of Melbourne, you can also put your trust in 13 Airport Taxis that’s been offering parcel pickup and delivery service to many prominent corporates and individuals across Melbourne. We take immense pride in offering parcel services that are very quick and convenient. Moreover,  our schedule is pretty flexible so if something comes up you can alter the schedule to your liking. Call if you need to send something for business or personalize use, as our dedicated team will handle every parcel with the utmost care and caution. Our company will ensure fantastic value for your money. Our faculties provide an incredible network of Parcel Delivery Taxi Services in Melbourne which is composed of a large number of courier taxis. 


Parcel Delivery Taxi Services in Melbourne

Our Parcel Delivery Taxi Services in Melbourne only employ ideal cabs for courier delivery in Melbourne. On booking our taxi for parcel delivery, we check out the location for all our available vehicles only to ensure a quick pick-up. You can also call our company to hire the nearest cab to your location for a quick airport transfer or to facilitate local traveling. The cab can come anywhere in Melbourne and its surrounding areas to collect your parcel. No one is more reliable for a rush job than us and we can arrive at your place within minutes. Although our drivers are honest and very professional, what differentiates us from the common delivery executives is our experience in delivering parcels across Melbourne. We also provide you with an option to track your parcel with GPS technology while in the transaction process. You can book our parcel delivery taxi services through a user-friendly interface which is online 24*7. Our parcel delivery rates are competitive so anyone can afford them.

Best Courier Services within Budget

We are truly dedicated to ensuring that your parcels are delivered safely, on time, and within budget. 13 Airport Taxis has truly committed staff that truly cares about your packages. As they are fully-trained couriers they make sure that every delivery is made securely and with the utmost attention to detail. The other companies don’t care that much about your parcel as they are serving you to make a profit while delivering the parcel. No matter what happens, we handle all your parcel with utmost care so if by any chance the parcel contains anything precious it will remain safe and secure. On the other hand, it might break it due to negligence. But we always employ methods that involve utmost care & extra precautions. The handlers are pretty experienced so it’s almost guaranteed that the shipment is secure and handled properly. Now you don’t have to be always concerned about your parcels.

It’s totally up to you to choose the pickup location of your concerned parcel, it can be either collected from your home or place of work. Note that booking a courier delivery with Silver 13 Airport Taxis is pretty easy and quick. All you have to do is enter your address and contact details into our online booking system and let us take care of the rest. Once your delivery order is confirmed, you would be able to track your delivery from that moment on. The shipment history of your parcel will be recorded from the moment parcel is collected right through until it is delivered at your preferred location. Our top-notch drivers are knowledgeable about all road routes so you don’t even have to guide them over the phone.  We have reputation for facilitating speedy and efficient service and you will also get our word that your parcel will be delivered with the highest level of care.